Аудиоурок 532

Фраза 1.Which tall man is wearing glasses?
Фраза 2.Which tall man is not wearing glasses?
Фраза 3.Which short person is not wearing glasses?
Фраза 4.Which short person is wearing glasses?
Фраза 5.There are more people than horses.
Фраза 6.There are more horses than people.
Фраза 7.There are as many umbrellas as people.
Фраза 8.There are more people than umbrellas.
Фраза 9.The clown is wearing pants.
Фраза 10.The clown is putting on pants.
Фраза 11.The man with glasses is wearing a sweater.
Фраза 12.The man with glasses is putting on a sweater.
Фраза 13.The boy is lying down outside.
Фраза 14.The boy is lying down inside.
Фраза 15.This is the outside of the building.
Фраза 16.This is the inside of the building.
Фраза 17.two red flowers
Фраза 18.two white and yellow flowers
Фраза 19.a yellow, a red and a pink flower
Фраза 20.pink flowers
Фраза 21.Which cat is real?
Фраза 22.Which cat is not real?
Фраза 23.Which sheep is not real?
Фраза 24.Which sheep is real?
Фраза 25.He is strong.
Фраза 26.He is weak.
Фраза 27.They are not tired.
Фраза 28.They are hot and tired.
Фраза 29.The baker is baking bread.
Фраза 30.The secretary is typing.
Фраза 31.The teacher is teaching the students.
Фраза 32.The students are reading.
Фраза 33.These are real flowers.
Фраза 34.This is a picture of flowers.
Фраза 35.This is a real woman.
Фраза 36.This is a picture of a woman.
Фраза 37.It is seven oХclock.
Фраза 38.It is a quarter past seven.
Фраза 39.It is seven thirty.
Фраза 40.It is seven forty-five.