Аудиоурок 688

Фраза 1.How long have you been waiting?
Фраза 2.And we donХt have to go back to school until September!
Фраза 3.LetХs have another peek at that address.
Фраза 4.IХm out here eating a piece of cake.
Фраза 5.No, you may not borrow my knife!
Фраза 6.Stop growing!
Фраза 7.Are you sure that ТnoУ is your final answer?
Фраза 8.YouХre on the wrong train.
Фраза 9.IХm sure I have my ticket here somewhere.
Фраза 10.Breakfast ready, honey?
Фраза 11.If he rams the boat, weХre finished.
Фраза 12.You donХt owe me a thing for babysitting. I won twenty dollars from the kids!
Фраза 13.How do you spell ТcannibalismУ?
Фраза 14.I guess I should have cooked him a little longer.
Фраза 15.In twenty words or less, howХs the family?
Фраза 16.Oh, I forgot to tell you. I met Bill Jansen today. Helen is sick, and they canceled the party.
Фраза 17.IХm coming! IХm coming!
Фраза 18.Hand me that big heavy thing.
Фраза 19.Well, however itХs pronounced, I want some of it!
Фраза 20.DonХt let all this legal terminology confuse you! It simply means youХre getting twenty years in prison.
Фраза 21.You need a haircut.
Фраза 22.Will someone in the audience lend me their watch?
Фраза 23.Hold this while I row to a better spot.
Фраза 24.Then for dinner theyХre going to serve...
Фраза 25.Goodness, did I go off and leave the television on all day?
Фраза 26.Before I tell you if heХs mine, you tell me what heХs done.
Фраза 27.Nice work, Smith. But the fire happens to be next door.
Фраза 28.Taxi, sir?
Фраза 29.Oh, good! You found him!
Фраза 30.ItХs working beautifully now!
Фраза 31.Hit the ball? You mean like that?
Фраза 32.How was the vacation?
Фраза 33.I said my horn is stuck! ThatХs what seems to be the problem!
Фраза 34.Dad, may I borrow the car?
Фраза 35.YouХre working too hard, Ralph.
Фраза 36.I donХt see how you keep your house so neat when you have four children.
Фраза 37.And what does the kitten say? ThatХs right! And what does the puppy say? DaddyХs big boy has that one right, too! And what does the bird say?
Фраза 38.Tell me again how much money weХre saving.
Фраза 39.HeХs an excellent plumber, but I donХt care much for his helper.
Фраза 40.The kids will love our newest toy.