Аудиоурок 673

Фраза 1.This is a policeman.
Фраза 2.This is a police car.
Фраза 3.These are handcuffs.
Фраза 4.This is an ambulance.
Фраза 5.It is illegal to drive on this side of the road in France.
Фраза 6.It is illegal to drive on this side of the road in Great Britain.
Фраза 7.It is illegal to make a U-turn here.
Фраза 8.It is illegal to turn left here.
Фраза 9.It is legal to park here.
Фраза 10.It is illegal to park here.
Фраза 11.It is legal to turn left here.
Фраза 12.It is illegal to turn left here.
Фраза 13.This is a fire station.
Фраза 14.This is a fire engine.
Фраза 15.This is a firefighter.
Фраза 16.These are water hoses.
Фраза 17.This is a mailbox.
Фраза 18.This is a mailman.
Фраза 19.This is a package.
Фраза 20.This is a letter.
Фраза 21.This is a garbage man.
Фраза 22.This is a bag of garbage.
Фраза 23.This is a library.
Фраза 24.This is a librarian.
Фраза 25.The man is stealing another manХs wallet.
Фраза 26.The man says, ТHe stole my wallet!У
Фраза 27.The policeman caught the thief.
Фраза 28.The thief is in jail.
Фраза 29.a mailman
Фраза 30.a paramedic
Фраза 31.laboratory personnel
Фраза 32.hospital personnel
Фраза 33.The thief is stealing.
Фраза 34.The man is talking to the policeman.
Фраза 35.The thief has been caught.
Фраза 36.The thief canХt steal anything. HeХs in jail.
Фраза 37.Stealing is illegal.
Фраза 38.Parking here is legal.
Фраза 39.Parking here is illegal.
Фраза 40.In some countries, driving on this side of the road is legal.