Аудиоурок 640

Фраза 1.a supermarket
Фраза 2.rows of shopping carts
Фраза 3.a cash register
Фраза 4.The customer is looking at a shopping list.
Фраза 5.He is pushing a shopping cart.
Фраза 6.She is putting milk into the shopping cart.
Фраза 7.He is putting soda into the shopping cart.
Фраза 8.She is looking at some meat.
Фраза 9.Which bunch of bananas do you like better?
Фраза 10.I like this one better.
Фраза 11.She is putting the bunch of bananas into the cart.
Фраза 12.She is putting oranges into the cart.
Фраза 13.She is getting some frozen vegetables.
Фраза 14.She is getting some fresh vegetables.
Фраза 15.She is getting some canned vegetables.
Фраза 16.She is getting some fresh fruit.
Фраза 17.She is holding a cake.
Фраза 18.She is putting some bread into the shopping cart.
Фраза 19.She is giving a head of cabbage to Howard.
Фраза 20.He is putting the cabbage into the shopping cart.
Фраза 21.She is weighing some oranges.
Фраза 22.She is weighing some fresh vegetables.
Фраза 23.She is putting some potatoes into a bag.
Фраза 24.She is putting some onions into a bag.
Фраза 25.Howard, what is this fruit called?
Фраза 26.ItХs called a pineapple.
Фраза 27.Howard, what is this vegetable called?
Фраза 28.ItХs called lettuce.
Фраза 29.The customers are in line at the checkout counter.
Фраза 30.The customer is putting food on the counter.
Фраза 31.The cashier is ringing up the items on the cash register.
Фраза 32.The cashier is putting the food into a bag.
Фраза 33.She is writing a check.
Фраза 34.She is giving the check to the cashier.
Фраза 35.The cashier is opening the cash register.
Фраза 36.The cashier is putting the check into the cash register.
Фраза 37.The cashier is giving the customer a receipt.
Фраза 38.The customer is carrying the groceries out of the store.
Фраза 39.She is opening the back door of the car.
Фраза 40.He is putting the groceries into the car.