Аудиоурок 592

Фраза 1.These flowers are the same color.
Фраза 2.These flowers are different colors.
Фраза 3.These are the same kind of fish.
Фраза 4.These are two different kinds of fish.
Фраза 5.The children are jumping at the same time.
Фраза 6.The children are jumping at different times.
Фраза 7.These two pieces of clothing are made from the same material.
Фраза 8.These two pieces of clothing are made from different materials.
Фраза 9.The pieces of metal are both the same shape.
Фраза 10.The pieces of metal are different shapes.
Фраза 11.These animals are different species.
Фраза 12.These animals are the same species.
Фраза 13.These people are the same height. They both measure 5 feet 7 inches.
Фраза 14.These people are different heights. One person is taller than the other.
Фраза 15.These vehicles are the same type.
Фраза 16.These vehicles are different types.
Фраза 17.These people have the same color eyes.
Фраза 18.These people have different color eyes.
Фраза 19.These wheels are the same size.
Фраза 20.These wheels are different sizes.
Фраза 21.These people are the same gender. All of them are male.
Фраза 22.These people are different genders. One person is male and one is female.
Фраза 23.The water levels in these containers are the same.
Фраза 24.The water levels in these containers are different.
Фраза 25.These books are the same thickness.
Фраза 26.These books are different thicknesses.
Фраза 27.There are different amounts of water in these two containers.
Фраза 28.There is the same amount of water in these two containers.
Фраза 29.These people are going in the same direction.
Фраза 30.These people are going in different directions.
Фраза 31.These fluids are the same type of fluid.
Фраза 32.These fluids are different types of fluid.
Фраза 33.These people are the same age. They are both 20 years old.
Фраза 34.These people are different ages. One person is older than the other.
Фраза 35.These fluids are in the same type of container.
Фраза 36.These fluids are in different types of containers.
Фраза 37.Which people are the same age, same gender, and same height?
Фраза 38.Which people are the same age and same gender, but different heights?
Фраза 39.Which people are the same height and gender, but different ages?
Фраза 40.Which people are the same gender, but different ages and different heights?