Аудиоурок 680

Фраза 1.Belts?
Фраза 2.Nurse!
Фраза 3.Madam, is this your child?
Фраза 4.Of course heХs happy. HeХs sitting on the cat.
Фраза 5.He remembers me!
Фраза 6.Now, for heavenХs sake, donХt do anything to antagonize him!
Фраза 7.And I say we call it a Тcat,У and thatХs the end of it.
Фраза 8.Just a moment, I was here first.
Фраза 9.Here we are, four intelligent people...five, if you count Fred...
Фраза 10.Actually, he wasnХt very happy here!
Фраза 11.I donХt think Harry is quite awake yet.
Фраза 12.Your spear is upside down!
Фраза 13.And what if it isnХt an umbrella?
Фраза 14.Grab that ball and throw it, quick!
Фраза 15.The egg, Delworth! Throw me the egg!
Фраза 16.Must be a lot colder than it looks.
Фраза 17.Nothing to worry about, Huntley. TheyХre fish eaters.
Фраза 18.What friend? These are my gloves!
Фраза 19.My son is eight and his father is thirty-four.
Фраза 20.George! We forgot the children!
Фраза 21.George smokes a lot.
Фраза 22.Oh, good! He caught the butterfly!
Фраза 23.The camera, Fred! Throw me the camera!
Фраза 24.Sorry, sir, but that one is mine.
Фраза 25.HeХs full-grown. We hope!
Фраза 26.I canХt swim either.
Фраза 27.The coffee must be ready by now.
Фраза 28.Everything I do lately seems to annoy you.
Фраза 29.George always has accidents.
Фраза 30.Help! Thief!
Фраза 31.I want three volunteers.
Фраза 32.HeХs a wonderful pet.
Фраза 33.However, the food here is excellent.
Фраза 34.I found it!
Фраза 35.IХd like to report an accident.
Фраза 36.It wouldnХt hurt to check, but IХm almost certain itХs two dogs.
Фраза 37.I may be a little fast, Ed...I have 4:21.
Фраза 38.Help!
Фраза 39.Now what?
Фраза 40.IХll sure be glad when we find your mother.