Аудиоурок 605

Фраза 1.This is an airport.
Фраза 2.This is luggage.
Фраза 3.These are tickets.
Фраза 4.The man is checking his luggage at the desk.
Фраза 5.What time is the train arriving?
Фраза 6.The train is arriving at ten oХclock.
Фраза 7.What time is this train leaving?
Фраза 8.This train is leaving at ten fifteen.
Фраза 9.The plane is taking off.
Фраза 10.The plane is landing.
Фраза 11.The plane is taxiing along the runway.
Фраза 12.This plane is at the gate.
Фраза 13.This is a parking lot.
Фраза 14.This is a taxi.
Фраза 15.This person is a porter.
Фраза 16.This person is a pilot.
Фраза 17.He needs a vacation.
Фраза 18.They are not on vacation. They are working.
Фраза 19.He is on vacation.
Фраза 20.They are on vacation.
Фраза 21.This is a train station.
Фраза 22.These people are in line to buy tickets.
Фраза 23.This person is carrying luggage.
Фраза 24.This is a bus station.
Фраза 25.The train is arriving.
Фраза 26.The train is leaving.
Фраза 27.The bus is arriving.
Фраза 28.The bus is leaving.
Фраза 29.These people are waiting in line in a grocery store.
Фраза 30.These people are waiting in line to get on the bus.
Фраза 31.These people are not waiting for the bus anymore.
Фраза 32.This person is not waiting in line.
Фраза 33.Many people are waiting for the bus to leave.
Фраза 34.These passengers are sitting.
Фраза 35.This is a bus driver.
Фраза 36.This is a subway passenger.
Фраза 37.a pilot
Фраза 38.a driver
Фраза 39.a passenger
Фраза 40.luggage