Аудиоурок 600

Фраза 1.She is typing on the computer.
Фраза 2.She is typing on the typewriter.
Фраза 3.She is putting a disk into the computer.
Фраза 4.She is putting a piece of paper into the wastebasket.
Фраза 5.She is using a mouse.
Фраза 6.She is stapling some papers together.
Фраза 7.She is fastening some papers together with a paper clip.
Фраза 8.She is putting paper into the copy machine.
Фраза 9.The telephone is ringing.
Фраза 10.She answers the phone.
Фраза 11.She takes a message.
Фраза 12.She hangs up the phone.
Фраза 13.Julie is copying a piece of paper.
Фраза 14.She is faxing something.
Фраза 15.Julie is putting paper into the printer.
Фраза 16.She is typing.
Фраза 17.She is putting a package on the scale.
Фраза 18.She is measuring the package.
Фраза 19.Julie is licking a stamp.
Фраза 20.She is putting a folder into the filing cabinet.
Фраза 21.She is weighing something.
Фраза 22.She is measuring something.
Фраза 23.Julie is putting a stamp on the package.
Фраза 24.Julie is filing something.
Фраза 25.The box weighs about two pounds.
Фраза 26.The box weighs about 40 pounds.
Фраза 27.The box is 24 inches long.
Фраза 28.The box is 16 inches wide.
Фраза 29.I am looking up a phone number.
Фраза 30.I am looking up a word in the dictionary.
Фраза 31.She is looking at the monitor.
Фраза 32.She is looking for something under the desk.
Фраза 33.Julie is talking on the phone.
Фраза 34.She is hanging up the phone.
Фраза 35.Julie is dialing a phone number.
Фраза 36.She is about to answer the phone.
Фраза 37.She is writing a check.
Фраза 38.She is opening a letter.
Фраза 39.Julie is taping a box shut.
Фраза 40.Julie is opening a box.