Аудиоурок 586

Фраза 1.The woman is older than the man.
Фраза 2.The man is older than the woman.
Фраза 3.The boy is taller than the girl.
Фраза 4.The girl is taller than the boy.
Фраза 5.a young woman
Фраза 6.an older woman, but not the oldest
Фраза 7.the oldest woman
Фраза 8.a young boy
Фраза 9.the oldest boy
Фраза 10.a younger boy, but not the youngest
Фраза 11.the youngest boy
Фраза 12.He is older than all the boys. He is a man.
Фраза 13.This airplane is flying the highest.
Фраза 14.This airplane is flying low, near the ground.
Фраза 15.This airplane is flying low, but it is not flying the lowest.
Фраза 16.This airplane is not flying. It is on the ground.
Фраза 17.Which dog has the darkest color?
Фраза 18.Which dog has the shortest nose?
Фраза 19.Which dog has the lightest color?
Фраза 20.Which dog is going the fastest?
Фраза 21.Which child looks the happiest?
Фраза 22.Which child looks the most unhappy?
Фраза 23.Which child is running the fastest?
Фраза 24.Which child has the longest hair?
Фраза 25.This dog has fewer spots than the other dog.
Фраза 26.This dog has more spots than the other dog.
Фраза 27.This leopard has more spots than either dog.
Фраза 28.This tiger has stripes, but no spots.
Фраза 29.This animal has the fewest number of spots.
Фраза 30.This animal is more spotted, but not the most spotted.
Фраза 31.This is the most spotted animal of all.
Фраза 32.This animal is striped rather than spotted.
Фраза 33.It is dangerous to jump off a horse onto a calf.
Фраза 34.Soldiers fight and that is dangerous.
Фраза 35.Riding a horse is not very dangerous.
Фраза 36.Sitting on a chair at home is not dangerous at all.
Фраза 37.Who is flying the highest?
Фраза 38.Who is running the fastest?
Фраза 39.Who is getting the wettest?
Фраза 40.Who is getting the coldest?