Аудиоурок 683

Фраза 1.Behind you!
Фраза 2.We talked about it, and he convinced me it was okay.
Фраза 3.Now what?
Фраза 4.DonХt put quite so much paint on your brush, Harriet.
Фраза 5.Now what was it you want me to do?
Фраза 6.ThatХs one of our better birdcalls.
Фраза 7.Finally! I thought this train would never end.
Фраза 8.ItХs for you.
Фраза 9.That sounds like a fire engine going down Main Street.
Фраза 10.ItХs for you.
Фраза 11.Was it a hot day in the city, dear?
Фраза 12.Good boy!
Фраза 13.Can I call you back?
Фраза 14.WhatХs new?
Фраза 15.Brighton, what are you reading?
Фраза 16.Do you want to be a big star in the circus?
Фраза 17.ItХs for you.
Фраза 18.Thanks, honey. Now hand me the coffee, please.
Фраза 19.Thirteen feet six inches.
Фраза 20.Would you rather I didnХt smoke?
Фраза 21.First flight?
Фраза 22.My hair IS combed!
Фраза 23.Ellen tells me you play basketball.
Фраза 24.It says the answer is two.
Фраза 25.May I kiss you good night, Dorothy? Alice? Elizabeth?
Фраза 26.IХve got six so far. How many do you have?
Фраза 27.ItХs a new record, Mom. There are five of us in here!
Фраза 28.Of course people canХt think. They just repeat what they hear.
Фраза 29.Oh, itХs you.
Фраза 30.This new coat is great! It holds 200 snowballs!
Фраза 31.Mr. Geegle fell into the copier!
Фраза 32.Very funny! You know very well IХm only three minutes late.
Фраза 33.Are you mine?
Фраза 34.Tell us more about your trip to Africa, Baron.
Фраза 35.Are you sure we have the right address, Martha?
Фраза 36.Can you imagine anyone staying indoors in weather like this?
Фраза 37.The last time we were there, the place was full of dinosaurs!
Фраза 38.Come in, come in! ItХs good to see you folks again!
Фраза 39.ItХs for you.
Фраза 40.DonХt look down!