Аудиоурок 686

Фраза 1.Oh, stop worrying about Daddy. He went upstairs to bed hours ago.
Фраза 2.Just a minute, young man!
Фраза 3.Boy, we ought to eat there more often. They leave money for you under the plates.
Фраза 4.Am I glad to see you!
Фраза 5.ItХs closing time, sir.
Фраза 6.Rough day at the garage?
Фраза 7.Take us to the nearest barbershop!
Фраза 8.Oh, you noticed! Yes, as a matter of fact, I have lost some weight!
Фраза 9.Quite a large wave, wasnХt it?
Фраза 10.Let me see those plans again, Hank.
Фраза 11.Ouch!
Фраза 12.Oops!
Фраза 13.HeХs gentle, kind, truthful, considerate, helpful, courteous, understanding, loyal, and a complete bore.
Фраза 14.I think we can rule out malnutrition.
Фраза 15.Well, at least the horn is working.
Фраза 16.I know you can do better than that!
Фраза 17.IХm sure itХs nothing, dear... there are a lot of strange noises out here in the country.
Фраза 18.You realize, of course, Heston, this is grounds for divorce.
Фраза 19.But what if it ISNХT some kind of advertising stunt?
Фраза 20.Just why DONХT we fall off, Wendell?
Фраза 21.Why you ever married a clumsy oaf like me, IХll never know.
Фраза 22.I understand you found a diet that really works.
Фраза 23.IХm quite eager to hear about your trip.
Фраза 24.May I ask what you have in mind?
Фраза 25.Dear Friends: Many new things have happened to the Robertson family since we last sent you our Christmas greetings...
Фраза 26.Who was it?
Фраза 27.Still mad, sweetie?
Фраза 28.All right, men, weХll make camp here.
Фраза 29.All I did was ask him how he feels.
Фраза 30.How am I supposed to know when they want to be alone?
Фраза 31.YouХre releasing the ball too soon.
Фраза 32.Those will feel a bit big until you get used to them.
Фраза 33.Try not to think about it.
Фраза 34.Then itХs agreed. We air-condition the building!
Фраза 35.Mary Lou tells me youХre studying to be a dentist.
Фраза 36.DonХt bother, dear, IХve got it!
Фраза 37.I said people donХt seem to like me for some reason. Open your ears, fathead!
Фраза 38.Yes, sir, I always say, the secret of a happy marriage is doing things together.
Фраза 39.DonХt bother. I used the last roll of film yesterday.
Фраза 40.One of your delicious chickens was in my garden this morning.