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Аудиоурок 639

Фраза 1.a bakery
Фраза 2.a vending machine
Фраза 3.a street cafe
Фраза 4.a cafeteria
Фраза 5.a grocery store
Фраза 6.a gas station
Фраза 7.a newsstand
Фраза 8.a restaurant
Фраза 9.He is buying bread in a bakery.
Фраза 10.He is trying on shoes in a shoe store.
Фраза 11.He is trying on clothes in a clothing store.
Фраза 12.He is getting his hair cut at a barber shop.
Фраза 13.She is setting the table.
Фраза 14.She is cooking food.
Фраза 15.She is serving food.
Фраза 16.She is eating food.
Фраза 17.She is washing something.
Фраза 18.She is peeling something.
Фраза 19.She is cutting up something.
Фраза 20.She is putting something into a pan.
Фраза 21.She is frying an egg.
Фраза 22.She is boiling an egg.
Фраза 23.She is cracking an egg.
Фраза 24.She is beating an egg.
Фраза 25.He is eating out.
Фраза 26.He is eating at home.
Фраза 27.She is eating out.
Фраза 28.She is eating at home.
Фраза 29.This is a place to buy food to make a meal at home.
Фраза 30.This is a place to buy and eat a meal.
Фраза 31.This is a place to buy snacks. It is not a place to buy a meal.
Фраза 32.This is a place to buy a newspaper. It is not a place to buy food.
Фраза 33.Candy bars are snacks.
Фраза 34.Potato chips are snacks.
Фраза 35.The man is not eating a snack. He is eating a meal.
Фраза 36.The man is not eating a meal. He is eating a snack.
Фраза 37.Students eat in a cafeteria.
Фраза 38.These people are eating at a restaurant.
Фраза 39.These people are eating a meal at home.
Фраза 40.These people are eating snacks.