Аудиоурок 614

Фраза 1.The man trips.
Фраза 2.The man bumps into the woman.
Фраза 3.IХm sorry, miss. Please excuse me.
Фраза 4.ThatХs all right!
Фраза 5.Christopher has lost his keys.
Фраза 6.Kathy, please help me find my keys.
Фраза 7.I found them! Here they are!
Фраза 8.Thanks for helping me.
Фраза 9.The customer asks, ТCould you bring me a glass of soda, please?У
Фраза 10.The waitress brings the drink and says, ТHere is your soda.У
Фраза 11.The customer says, ТThank you.У
Фраза 12.The customer starts to drink the soda.
Фраза 13.The woman is alone. She is carrying some boxes.
Фраза 14.A man asks, ТCan I help you?У
Фраза 15.The man is helping the woman.
Фраза 16.The woman says, ТThank you for helping me.У
Фраза 17.A woman drops her purse.
Фраза 18.Another woman picks up the purse.
Фраза 19.The second woman says, ТHere is your purse.У
Фраза 20.The first woman says, ТOh, thank you!У
Фраза 21.A man is looking at a map.
Фраза 22.A woman asks, ТCan I help you?У
Фраза 23.The man asks, ТWhich way is the police station?У
Фраза 24.The woman says, ТThe police station is that way.У
Фраза 25.The woman is in the public library. She is looking for a book.
Фраза 26.She finds the book she wants to borrow.
Фраза 27.I would like to borrow this book, please.
Фраза 28.Here you are. It is due back in two weeks.
Фраза 29.Could you open the door for me, please?
Фраза 30.IХd be glad to.
Фраза 31.The man goes through the doorway.
Фраза 32.Thank you.
Фраза 33.Would you like orange juice or milk?
Фраза 34.I would like orange juice.
Фраза 35.Here is your orange juice.
Фраза 36.Thank you very much.
Фраза 37.I have a piece of tape stuck on my back. Can you take it off?
Фраза 38.Sure, IХd be glad to take it off.
Фраза 39.He is taking off the piece of tape.
Фраза 40.He is throwing it into the trash can.