Аудиоурок 595

Фраза 1.Mr. Williams, come and look at this, please.
Фраза 2.Please come in, Mrs. Pearson.
Фраза 3.Excuse me, is this yours?
Фраза 4.Mrs. Smith, are you all right?
Фраза 5.Come and look at this.
Фраза 6.Come in.
Фраза 7.Is this yours?
Фраза 8.Are you all right?
Фраза 9.Come and look at this.
Фраза 10.Come in.
Фраза 11.Are these yours?
Фраза 12.Are you all right?
Фраза 13.Come and look at this, please.
Фраза 14.Come in, please.
Фраза 15.Are these yours?
Фраза 16.Are you all right, Mrs. Roberts?
Фраза 17.Be careful!
Фраза 18.Look at this!
Фраза 19.Wait for me!
Фраза 20.Throw it to me!
Фраза 21.Be careful!
Фраза 22.Look at this.
Фраза 23.Mr. Thompson, wait for me!
Фраза 24.Excuse me, what time is it?
Фраза 25.May I take your order, maХam?
Фраза 26.Bring me a salad, please.
Фраза 27.Henry, would you like some pepper?
Фраза 28.Yes, pass me the pepper, please, Rebecca.
Фраза 29.DonХt touch that! ItХs hot!
Фраза 30.Be careful with that. ItХs sharp!
Фраза 31.Can you help me?
Фраза 32.Could you tell me where the bathroom is?
Фраза 33.Excuse me, sir.
Фраза 34.Excuse me, Mommy.
Фраза 35.Mommy, can you reach that for me?
Фраза 36.Mr. Andrews, can you reach that for me?
Фраза 37.Don, can you help me?
Фраза 38.Nice to meet you.
Фраза 39.Please, come this way.
Фраза 40.Susan, can I help you?