Аудиоурок 678

Фраза 1.Look at that car.Which one?The red one.
Фраза 2.Look at those cars.Which ones?The red ones.
Фраза 3.ThereХs a yellow car.Where?In the picture with the man and boy.DonХt be ridiculous! ThatХs not a car!
Фраза 4.Look at that little yellow car. ItХs cute. I like it.I donХt like it. I think itХs ugly.Well, I think itХs cute.
Фраза 5.Do you like this car?No, I donХt like pink cars, and I donХt like old cars, either.
Фраза 6.Do you like this car?Yes, I like yellow cars, and I like old cars, too.
Фраза 7.Do you like the blue car?Yes, itХs a very nice car. I wish I had a car like that.
Фраза 8.Do you like this car?Yes, I like red sports cars. I like to go fast.Well, sports cars of any color will go fast!
Фраза 9.Do you like this car?No, itХs too old.
Фраза 10.Do you like this car?Not really. ItХs too big.
Фраза 11.Do you like this car?Not really. ItХs too small.
Фраза 12.Do you like this car?Well, I would have liked it before it was wrecked.
Фраза 13.Do you like this car?I canХt tell. ItХs covered up.I bet itХs a nice car.Maybe.
Фраза 14.Do you like this car?No.I thought you liked old cars.I do, but this one is black. I donХt like black cars.
Фраза 15.Do you like this car?You know I donХt like old cars. This is the oldest car IХve ever seen!
Фраза 16.Do you like this car?Yes, I like convertibles.
Фраза 17.Do you like boats?Yes, especially sailboats.
Фраза 18.Do you like boats?Yes, but I prefer canoes.Why?I guess because theyХre smaller.
Фраза 19.Do you like airplanes?I like to look at them, but IХm afraid to fly.Really?Yes, I am.
Фраза 20.How about hot air balloons? Would you like to go up in one of them?No, I would be afraid.
Фраза 21.Which boat do you like best?I like the ship with lots of white sails.
Фраза 22.Which boat do you like best?I think I like the one with red and yellow sails.
Фраза 23.Have you ever been on a submarine?No, I havenХt. Have you?No, I havenХt either.
Фраза 24.Do you like to windsurf?I donХt know. IХve never done it.This man makes it look easy, but itХs pretty hard.
Фраза 25.Which car do you like best?I donХt like any of them.Which one do you like least?Oh, the wrecked one, of course.
Фраза 26.Do you like any of these cars?No, not really.Which do you like the least?Well, you know, I really donХt like that old pink car.
Фраза 27.The taxi looks pretty old, doesnХt it?Yes, it does.
Фраза 28.That van doesnХt look nice at all.YouХre right. I donХt like it either.
Фраза 29.What would you rather do - go swimming or boating?I like boating better.
Фраза 30.How about you? What would you rather do?IХd rather go swimming.
Фраза 31.Where would you rather go - to the beach or to the mountains?To the mountains.Why is that?Because I like to hike.
Фраза 32.And you? Where would you rather go?To the beach.Why is that?Because I like the sun and the sand.
Фраза 33.Where would you most like to live - in the city, the country, or a small town?I prefer a small town.Why?ItХs quiet, but not too far from other people.
Фраза 34.And where would you like to live?In a big city.Why?ThereХs a lot to do there.
Фраза 35.I would also like to live in a house in the country.Yes, it would be quiet there.
Фраза 36.I would like living in a castle on a hill.Yes, that would be nice, too.
Фраза 37.What is your favorite season?I like summer because the flowers are so beautiful.
Фраза 38.What is your favorite season?I like spring because itХs not too hot or too cold to play sports.
Фраза 39.Which season do you like better - winter or fall?I like winter because then I can ski.
Фраза 40.Which season do you like better - fall or winter?I prefer fall because of all the pretty leaves on the trees.