Аудиоурок 687

Фраза 1.But I thought they were herbivorous!
Фраза 2.When was the last time you went camping, Fred?
Фраза 3.I phoned your boss to say you wouldnХt be in today and he said, ТGood.У
Фраза 4.See what Norm brought over from his fishing trip?
Фраза 5.Splendid! Tomorrow weХll start on your legs.
Фраза 6.If he mentions the cow, try to change the subject.
Фраза 7.YouХve been a naughty, naughty python!
Фраза 8.Get a good nightХs rest, dear. ThereХs something I want to tell you in the morning.
Фраза 9.ItХs my hobby!
Фраза 10.What seems to be the trouble, officer?
Фраза 11.YouХre missing the refreshments.
Фраза 12.Well, anyone can make a mistake!
Фраза 13.ItХs times like these when you can use that extra power!
Фраза 14.You wonХt believe it, but when this opera was first introduced, the critics thought it was terrible.
Фраза 15.HeХs a police dog.
Фраза 16.Any fool knows that scheme wonХt work! You tell him, Stevens!
Фраза 17.I wasnХt worried. You always think of something.
Фраза 18.YouХre not trying!
Фраза 19.But there must be some mistake. I donХt have that much money.
Фраза 20.I want to see you again when youХve saved up enough money.
Фраза 21.Oh, stop complaining! Every man should have a hobby.
Фраза 22.Try to hold him a little steadier this time.
Фраза 23.Please try to relax.
Фраза 24.I doubt if there are any inhabitants on this planet.
Фраза 25.I wonder if you have a moment?
Фраза 26.I drove around the block three times to get her confused, then across the bridge, through town, and put her out near the garbage dump. WeХll never see that stray cat again.
Фраза 27.I wouldnХt go in there today, Ralph.
Фраза 28.All right, Hobson, whatХs the excuse this time?
Фраза 29.Just ignore him.
Фраза 30.Say, you two are missing all the fun!
Фраза 31.Boy, will they be surprised to see you!
Фраза 32.Better hurry up and get well, Flinthall. Your vacation starts tomorrow.
Фраза 33.Now turn off the light and start yelling for a glass of water!
Фраза 34.Thanks, Ed. Now pass the salt, please.
Фраза 35.A little more work, true, but itХs better to be sure.
Фраза 36.Kevin is sick and wonХt be able to come to school today. This is my father.
Фраза 37.I havenХt been in a canoe in fifteen years.
Фраза 38.Any other symptoms?
Фраза 39.Well, do I get waited on or do I turn the children loose?
Фраза 40.Morning is the worst time of day for Harold.