Аудиоурок 689

Фраза 1.Just let him know that youХre not afraid of him.
Фраза 2.It didnХt hurt at all. You gave it to my teddy bear.
Фраза 3.Giving him nose drops...Why?
Фраза 4.Whatever youХve been doing, do the opposite.
Фраза 5.Oh, sheХs fine, thanks! Say, warden, I really called for another reason!
Фраза 6.Oh, come now, Mr. Peters, you must take your medicine.
Фраза 7.Can I keep him, Mom?
Фраза 8.The tempting thing about forgery is that one 29 cent ballpoint pen puts you in business!
Фраза 9.IХm working late, dear. There have been a few changes around here.
Фраза 10.Notice how a striped suit makes you seem taller!
Фраза 11.By the way, I spoke to the landlord about a bigger apartment.
Фраза 12.ItХs a get well card from your boss. It sounds like an order.
Фраза 13.It always takes him a while to get going on Monday mornings.
Фраза 14.You canХt leave just because the partyХs over! You live here!
Фраза 15.DonХt you think your mother is spoiling him?
Фраза 16.Congratulations, sir! YouХre my first customer.
Фраза 17.Bartlett is a good worker. He hasnХt missed a day in 41 years!
Фраза 18.No more horror movies and thatХs final.
Фраза 19.No, I didnХt date any other men while you were away.
Фраза 20.That was to show you how the brakes work! Now weХll take her out for the speed test.
Фраза 21.Frankly, Mildred, I was a lot happier when we had mice.
Фраза 22.Yes, she was expecting you, but sheХs home anyway.
Фраза 23.Well that makes us even! This is the first time IХve ever given one!
Фраза 24.IХm thinking about making this my last trip.
Фраза 25.HeХs just a big, clumsy, good-natured country boy. That thing behind the barn is an oil well.
Фраза 26.HeХs NOT heavy, Daddy. YouХre standing on his skis.
Фраза 27.HeХs forty-six, but he has the vigor of a man twice his age.
Фраза 28.Please, Clifford! EverybodyХs looking!
Фраза 29.LetХs make a deal. You donХt tell me about your day and I wonХt tell you about my day.
Фраза 30.Now let us pause for a moment, Mrs. Molbank, while we think this thing through.
Фраза 31.Why canХt he just hide under the bed like other dogs?
Фраза 32.DonХt worry, itХs a rotten apple!
Фраза 33.Frankly, youХve got us stumped. But weХll find out whatХs wrong at the autopsy!
Фраза 34.Just how long have you been bowling, Frank?
Фраза 35.Nine times six is seventy-two! Now will you stop bothering mother while sheХs working on the budget?
Фраза 36.Actually, I pictured a much younger man.
Фраза 37.And, since money has brought nothing but misery and unhappiness to me, and not wishing to pass this burden on to those I leave behind, I decided to take it with me.
Фраза 38.ItХs beautiful, Aunt Martha. Now if we can only find the right place for it.
Фраза 39.Some winter IХm going to stay awake just to see how those leaves get back up on the trees.
Фраза 40.I think youХre mistaken. The ones that used to throw nuts at us from trees were smaller and had tails.