Аудиоурок 598

Фраза 1.She wants the coffee.
Фраза 2.She doesnХt want the coffee.
Фраза 3.He wants an apple.
Фраза 4.He doesnХt want an apple.
Фраза 5.I need a shirt.
Фраза 6.I need shoes.
Фраза 7.I need help with this.
Фраза 8.You need this medicine.
Фраза 9.a rocket
Фраза 10.a passport
Фраза 11.money
Фраза 12.a cane
Фраза 13.You need this to travel into space.
Фраза 14.You need this to travel to other countries.
Фраза 15.You need this to buy things.
Фраза 16.You need this when you get older.
Фраза 17.People want jewelry, but they do not need it.
Фраза 18.People want food, and they need it.
Фраза 19.People sometimes need medicine, but they do not always want it.
Фраза 20.People do not need trash, and they do not want it.
Фраза 21.This is something people want but do not need.
Фраза 22.This is something people want and need.
Фраза 23.This is something people sometimes need but do not always want.
Фраза 24.This is something people do not need and do not want.
Фраза 25.They are giving him the book.
Фраза 26.We are giving her the passport.
Фраза 27.She is giving us the passport.
Фраза 28.He is giving them the book.
Фраза 29.I donХt want these toys.
Фраза 30.They want the toys.
Фраза 31.Do you want the toys?
Фраза 32.We want the toys.
Фраза 33.She needs a ladder to reach the window.
Фраза 34.She doesnХt need a ladder to reach the window.
Фраза 35.She wants to give him the towel.
Фраза 36.She doesnХt want to give him the towel.
Фраза 37.Give me the coat, please.
Фраза 38.Carry me, please.
Фраза 39.Throw me the ball.
Фраза 40.Throw him the ball.