Аудиоурок 569

Фраза 1.The swan is flapping its wings.
Фраза 2.These birds have spread their wings.
Фраза 3.The bird on the manХs hands has its wings spread.
Фраза 4.This bird does not have its wings spread.
Фраза 5.Camels have four legs.
Фраза 6.People have two legs.
Фраза 7.Ducks have two legs.
Фраза 8.Elephants have four legs.
Фраза 9.Astronauts wear space suits.
Фраза 10.Sometimes, girls wear dresses.
Фраза 11.Airplanes have wings.
Фраза 12.Birds have wings.
Фраза 13.Clocks have hands.
Фраза 14.Bicycles have wheels.
Фраза 15.Sailors live on ships.
Фраза 16.Soldiers carry guns.
Фраза 17.Who wears space suits?
Фраза 18.Who wears dresses?
Фраза 19.Who carries guns?
Фраза 20.Who lives on a ship?
Фраза 21.Which animal has only two legs?
Фраза 22.Which animal has four legs on the ground?
Фраза 23.Which animal has two legs on the ground and two legs off the ground?
Фраза 24.Which animal has all four legs off the ground?
Фраза 25.This person sells bread.
Фраза 26.This person sells sunglasses.
Фраза 27.This person sells tomatoes.
Фраза 28.This person sells plants.
Фраза 29.Horses carry people, but this horse is not carrying anyone.
Фраза 30.This horse is carrying someone.
Фраза 31.Airplanes fly, but this airplane is not flying.
Фраза 32.Airplanes fly and this airplane is flying.
Фраза 33.The workman is wearing a hard hat.
Фраза 34.The workman usually wears a hard hat, but he is not wearing a hard hat now.
Фраза 35.Soldiers carry guns, but these soldiers are not carrying guns.
Фраза 36.Soldiers carry guns and these soldiers are carrying guns.
Фраза 37.The young men in the blue suits are singing.
Фраза 38.The young men in the blue suits sing, but they arenХt singing now.
Фраза 39.Dogs donХt usually wear clothing and this dog is not wearing clothing.
Фраза 40.Dogs donХt usually wear clothing, but this one is wearing clothing.