Аудиоурок 682

Фраза 1.Just one more winter. Please!
Фраза 2.Feeling a little better today?
Фраза 3.Which button do I push?
Фраза 4.After a hot day at the office, Bill just canХt wait to get into a cool shower.
Фраза 5.How are things otherwise?
Фраза 6.Sounds to me like heХs stepping on her foot.
Фраза 7.Goodness gracious! Daddy stepped on DanielХs drum.
Фраза 8.ItХs so peaceful and quiet without your little brother around.
Фраза 9.HereХs your trouble.
Фраза 10.Ethel thought SHE had the most expensive hat in town!
Фраза 11.Olives, hot dogs, potato salad, lemonade. Good grief, we forgot Mother!
Фраза 12.Goodbye, Gloria. So long, Shirley. Barbara. Lisa.
Фраза 13.These birds are a sign that there are fish around!
Фраза 14.IХve eaten better candy.
Фраза 15.My mom will be right down. SheХs giving me a bath.
Фраза 16.And what did DaddyХs little man do today?
Фраза 17.The left shoe feels a little tight.
Фраза 18.Pass the sugar, please.
Фраза 19.IХll tell you what youХve got if you wonХt tell anyone. I donХt want to cause a panic.
Фраза 20.Now donХt be hard on him, Mabel. IХm sure it was just an accident.
Фраза 21.I just came in to get warm.
Фраза 22.Well, sonny, what have you been doing today?
Фраза 23.To my greedy brother Willie...
Фраза 24.You caught it. You cook it!
Фраза 25.I tell you that thing stole my lunch.
Фраза 26.Now do you see why he gives only two concerts a year?
Фраза 27.Go right home to bed. What you have is very contagious.
Фраза 28.Looks like Ed caught something.
Фраза 29.All cars look alike to me.
Фраза 30.Drop the rock!
Фраза 31.Oh, good, youХre washing the dog!
Фраза 32.Oh, good, Daddy found it.
Фраза 33.Here comes Everett now!
Фраза 34.You and your bird calls.
Фраза 35.Are the wheels spinning?
Фраза 36.WeХll have a horse for you soon.
Фраза 37.Watch now. Here comes the part I was telling you about.
Фраза 38.Your X-rays are in here somewhere.
Фраза 39.Excuse me, sir, but how long have you been waiting to get across?
Фраза 40.I think itХs trying to tell you something.