Аудиоурок 523

Фраза 1.many boys
Фраза 2.one boy
Фраза 3.many balloons
Фраза 4.a few balloons
Фраза 5.many hats
Фраза 6.one hat
Фраза 7.many umbrellas
Фраза 8.one umbrella
Фраза 9.one loaf of bread
Фраза 10.many loaves of bread
Фраза 11.two loaves of bread
Фраза 12.no bread
Фраза 13.a cowboy with a horse
Фраза 14.a cowboy with no horse
Фраза 15.two cowboys with several horses
Фраза 16.many cowboy hats and no cowboys
Фраза 17.How many coins are there? There are many coins.
Фраза 18.How many marbles are there? There is one marble.
Фраза 19.How many marbles are there? There are a few marbles.
Фраза 20.How many marbles are there? There are many marbles.
Фраза 21.many tomatoes and a few bananas
Фраза 22.many apples and no bananas
Фраза 23.many tomatoes and no bananas
Фраза 24.many bananas and no apples
Фраза 25.There are more chairs than tables.
Фраза 26.There are more buses than cars.
Фраза 27.There are more tomatoes than bananas.
Фраза 28.There are the same number of men as women.
Фраза 29.There are more people than horses.
Фраза 30.There are more horses than people.
Фраза 31.There are as many umbrellas as people.
Фраза 32.There are more people than umbrellas.
Фраза 33.There are fewer horses than people.
Фраза 34.There are fewer people than horses.
Фраза 35.There are fewer umbrellas than people.
Фраза 36.There are as many horses as people.
Фраза 37.There are the same number of girls as boys.
Фраза 38.There are fewer girls than boys.
Фраза 39.There are more girls than boys.
Фраза 40.There are no girls and no boys.