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Аудиоурок 593

Фраза 1.WhatХs that?That is a bridge.
Фраза 2.WhatХs that?That is a car.
Фраза 3.WhatХs this?This is a banana.
Фраза 4.WhatХs this?This is a piece of paper.
Фраза 5.Who is that?Her name is Susie.
Фраза 6.Who is that?His name is John.
Фраза 7.Where is my notebook?Here it is.
Фраза 8.Where is my coat?Here it is.
Фраза 9.Who is that?I donХt know.
Фраза 10.Where are we?I donХt know.
Фраза 11.Which way should we go?I donХt know. She says this way, and he says that way.
Фраза 12.What is this thing?I donХt know.
Фраза 13.Why is she wet?Because she was in the pool.
Фраза 14.Why is she in bed?Because she is sleeping.
Фраза 15.Why is she in bed?Because she is sick.
Фраза 16.Why is she screaming?Because she is in pain.
Фраза 17.Why is she in bed?Who knows?
Фраза 18.What is that called?That is a bicycle.
Фраза 19.What is this called?Who knows?
Фраза 20.Which way should I go?You should go that way.
Фраза 21.What is your name?My name is Lisa Robbins.
Фраза 22.What is your name?My name is John Simpson.
Фраза 23.Where are you going?IХm going shopping.
Фраза 24.Where are you going?IХm going for a drive.
Фраза 25.Whose car is this?This is his car.
Фраза 26.Whose car is this?This is my car.
Фраза 27.Whose book is this?ThatХs my book.
Фраза 28.Whose book is this?I donХt know.
Фраза 29.Which way should we go?We should go that way.
Фраза 30.Which shirt do you like?I like the white shirt.
Фраза 31.Which piece do you want?I want this piece.
Фраза 32.Which hand do you choose?I choose this one.
Фраза 33.How do you spell this?B I R D
Фраза 34.How do you spell this?D O G
Фраза 35.How do you spell this?C A R
Фраза 36.How do you spell this?G I R L
Фраза 37.When do people eat breakfast?People eat breakfast at 7:30 in the morning.
Фраза 38.When do people eat lunch?People eat lunch at noon.
Фраза 39.When do people eat dinner?People eat dinner at 7 oХclock in the evening.
Фраза 40.When do people go to sleep?People go to sleep at 11 oХclock at night.