Аудиоурок 647

Фраза 1.The children are racing to the top of the stairs.
Фраза 2.The children raced to the top of the stairs. The girl won.
Фраза 3.The white pieces have won.
Фраза 4.The white pieces have lost.
Фраза 5.The woman won the game.
Фраза 6.The woman lost the game.
Фраза 7.The man won the game.
Фраза 8.The man lost the game.
Фраза 9.No one has taken this test yet.
Фраза 10.Donald is taking the test.
Фраза 11.Erik passed the test.
Фраза 12.Joseph failed the test.
Фраза 13.He passed.
Фраза 14.He failed.
Фраза 15.He won.
Фраза 16.He lost.
Фраза 17.She has lost the race.
Фраза 18.She has won the race.
Фраза 19.She has lost her earring.
Фраза 20.She has found her earring.
Фраза 21.He is dropping his keys.
Фраза 22.He is searching for his keys.
Фраза 23.He has found his keys.
Фраза 24.He is using his keys.
Фраза 25.The girlХs eyes are closed.
Фраза 26.The boy is hiding.
Фраза 27.The girl is searching for the boy.
Фраза 28.The girl has found the boy.
Фраза 29.The boy is hiding.
Фраза 30.The girl is hiding.
Фраза 31.The boy is searching for the girl.
Фраза 32.The boy has found the girl.
Фраза 33.The man is lost. He does not know where he is.
Фраза 34.The man opens his map.
Фраза 35.The man finds where he is on the map.
Фраза 36.Now the man knows where he is going.
Фраза 37.IХm hiding.
Фраза 38.IХm searching.
Фраза 39.I won the race.
Фраза 40.I lost the race.