Аудиоурок 635

Фраза 1.Which animal always swims, never walks, and never flies?
Фраза 2.Which animal never swims, seldom walks, and flies a lot?
Фраза 3.Which animal sometimes swims and sometimes walks, but never flies?
Фраза 4.Which animal sometimes swims, sometimes walks, and sometimes flies?
Фраза 5.The student doesnХt understand the math problem.
Фраза 6.The student asks the teacher, ТCan you help me?У
Фраза 7.The teacher explains the math problem.
Фраза 8.Now the student understands the math problem.
Фраза 9.I would like to cash a check.
Фраза 10.I would like to withdraw twenty dollars.
Фраза 11.I would like to change twenty dollars to four five dollar bills.
Фраза 12.I would like to exchange twenty dollars for German marks.
Фраза 13.They are looking at themselves.
Фраза 14.We are looking at ourselves.
Фраза 15.They are looking at us.
Фраза 16.We are looking at them.
Фраза 17.When you whisper, you speak quietly.
Фраза 18.When you shout, you speak loudly.
Фраза 19.The little boy is working quietly.
Фраза 20.The little boy is playing loudly.
Фраза 21.Watch out! Broken glass!
Фраза 22.Watch out! ItХs hot!
Фраза 23.Be careful! DonХt drop it!
Фраза 24.Stop! A car is coming!
Фраза 25.She is sipping.
Фраза 26.She is gulping.
Фраза 27.She is sucking.
Фраза 28.She is blowing.
Фраза 29.How old is she? She is ten years old.
Фраза 30.How old is she? She is seventy years old.
Фраза 31.How warm is the water? It is about 78 degrees Fahrenheit.
Фраза 32.How cold is the water? It is below 33 degrees Fahrenheit.
Фраза 33.He can read the newspaper.
Фраза 34.He could read the newspaper if it werenХt upside down.
Фраза 35.She would use the umbrella if it were raining.
Фраза 36.She is using an umbrella because it is raining.
Фраза 37.This reptile eats meat. It is a carnivore.
Фраза 38.This mammal eats meat and plants. It is an omnivore.
Фраза 39.This mammal eats plants. It is a herbivore.
Фраза 40.This bird eats dead animals. It is a scavenger.