Аудиоурок 612

Фраза 1.Thank you.
Фраза 2.Excuse me.
Фраза 3.Hello.
Фраза 4.Goodbye.
Фраза 5.Hello, Donna!
Фраза 6.Hello, Robert!
Фраза 7.Goodbye, Donna!
Фраза 8.Goodbye, Robert!
Фраза 9.Hi, how are you?
Фраза 10.George, please give me that magazine.
Фраза 11.Thank you, George.
Фраза 12.YouХre welcome, Mary.
Фраза 13.Ralph cannot see where he is going.
Фраза 14.Ralph bumps into the woman.
Фраза 15.Excuse me!
Фраза 16.ThatХs all right.
Фраза 17.Excuse me, could you tell me the time?
Фраза 18.Certainly. It is three oХclock.
Фраза 19.Thank you.
Фраза 20.YouХre welcome.
Фраза 21.Jonathan, have you met my friend Robert?
Фраза 22.Jonathan and Robert are shaking hands.
Фраза 23.Hello, Robert, nice to meet you.Nice to meet you, too.
Фраза 24.Goodbye!
Фраза 25.Thomas is going to make a phone call.
Фраза 26.Hello, this is Tina.
Фраза 27.Hello, this is Thomas. Is Elizabeth there?
Фраза 28.Tina hands the phone to Elizabeth.
Фраза 29.Hello, this is Tina.
Фраза 30.Hello, this is Thomas. Do you have DanielХs phone number?
Фраза 31.Yes, his number is (738) 555-2490.
Фраза 32.Thank you. I am writing it down right now.
Фраза 33.That looks good.
Фраза 34.Would you like to try some?
Фраза 35.Just a little bit.
Фраза 36.Here you go!
Фраза 37.We need more envelopes.
Фраза 38.Can you go to the store now?
Фраза 39.Yes, but I need money.
Фраза 40.Thanks. IХll be right back.