Аудиоурок 642

Фраза 1.Linda wants to visit her friend.
Фраза 2.She brushes her hair with the hairbrush.
Фраза 3.She brushes her teeth with a toothbrush.
Фраза 4.She puts on lipstick.
Фраза 5.Linda is thinking about what to pack.
Фраза 6.She puts a toothbrush and toothpaste into her travel bag.
Фраза 7.Linda puts shampoo into her travel bag.
Фраза 8.She puts a bar of soap into her travel bag.
Фраза 9.She closes her travel bag.
Фраза 10.She puts her travel bag into her suitcase.
Фраза 11.Linda puts her clothing into her suitcase.
Фраза 12.Linda closes the suitcase.
Фраза 13.She turns off the television.
Фраза 14.Linda closes the window.
Фраза 15.She closes the curtains.
Фраза 16.Linda turns off the light.
Фраза 17.She picks up her sunglasses.
Фраза 18.Linda puts on her sunglasses.
Фраза 19.She carries the suitcase out of the house.
Фраза 20.She takes the house key out of her purse.
Фраза 21.Linda locks the front door.
Фраза 22.Linda carries the suitcase to the car.
Фраза 23.She takes the car key out of her purse.
Фраза 24.She unlocks and opens the trunk.
Фраза 25.Linda puts the suitcase into the trunk.
Фраза 26.Linda closes the trunk.
Фраза 27.She opens the hood.
Фраза 28.She checks the oil.
Фраза 29.Linda adds oil to her car.
Фраза 30.Linda adds water to her car.
Фраза 31.She checks the air pressure.
Фраза 32.She adjusts the mirror.
Фраза 33.Linda goes to a gas station.
Фраза 34.Linda adds air to a tire.
Фраза 35.She fills the gas tank with gasoline.
Фраза 36.She gets some soda.
Фраза 37.Linda gets a map.
Фраза 38.Linda pays for everything she bought.
Фраза 39.She gets her change.
Фраза 40.She drives away.