Аудиоурок 627

Фраза 1.Excuse me, could you tell me where a bank is?
Фраза 2.Sure, the bank is right there.
Фраза 3.Thank you very much.YouХre welcome.
Фраза 4.Cindy wants to exchange money.
Фраза 5.Cindy enters the bank.
Фраза 6.This person is a bank teller.
Фраза 7.This is a check.
Фраза 8.These are bills and coins. Both of these are money.
Фраза 9.I would like to deposit money.
Фраза 10.I would like to withdraw money.
Фраза 11.I would like to change a twenty dollar bill to two ten dollar bills.
Фраза 12.I would like to exchange a twenty dollar bill for Japanese yen.
Фраза 13.I would like to cash a check.
Фраза 14.I would like to withdraw twenty dollars.
Фраза 15.I would like to change twenty dollars to four five dollar bills.
Фраза 16.I would like to exchange twenty dollars for German marks.
Фраза 17.coins
Фраза 18.a credit card
Фраза 19.bills
Фраза 20.a check
Фраза 21.Someone is paying with a credit card.
Фраза 22.Someone is paying with a check.
Фраза 23.Someone is paying with cash.
Фраза 24.Someone is making a withdrawal from the bank.
Фраза 25.Where is the menХs room?The menХs room is over there.
Фраза 26.Where is my passport?Here is your passport.
Фраза 27.How much does a newspaper cost?It costs 50 cents.
Фраза 28.May I have your ticket, please?Here it is.
Фраза 29.How far is it from Paris to Madrid? It is 790 miles.
Фраза 30.How far is it from Brussels to London? It is 195 miles.
Фраза 31.A one way ticket takes you from Paris to Venice.
Фраза 32.A round trip ticket takes you from Paris to Venice and back to Paris.
Фраза 33.Excuse me. Can you tell us where we are?
Фраза 34.Certainly. You are here.
Фраза 35.I think we should take this road.I disagree. I think we should take this one.
Фраза 36.I think we should take this road.I agree.
Фраза 37.Excuse me. Can you show me where the museum is?
Фраза 38.Sure. The museum is right there.
Фраза 39.Will you be paying with check, credit card, or cash?
Фраза 40.IХll pay with cash.