Аудиоурок 681

Фраза 1.Fifth floor. Almost.
Фраза 2.It doesnХt have much power on hills.
Фраза 3.Great, you caught him. Now what?
Фраза 4.Take your finger out of your ear and listen to me!
Фраза 5.Okay, so you caught me. Now what do we do?
Фраза 6.HeХs the fastest racer in the country.
Фраза 7.It was a wrong number.
Фраза 8.Yes, heХs here.
Фраза 9.What should we do now?
Фраза 10.Now!
Фраза 11.Help!
Фраза 12.Hello?
Фраза 13.ItХs good to hear your voice, too.
Фраза 14.YouХll have to excuse Fred. He works nights.
Фраза 15.MenХs clothing department, please!
Фраза 16.Ready?
Фраза 17.They have a room for us. WhereХs Billy?
Фраза 18.It goes on the foot nearest the window.
Фраза 19.Hey, Steve! Slow down!
Фраза 20.Well, he finally caught one!
Фраза 21.Now?
Фраза 22.HerbХs lucky. He always catches the big ones.
Фраза 23.Well, I donХt think it makes him look any taller.
Фраза 24.Just half a cup. I canХt lift a full one yet.
Фраза 25.I see youХve been eating in bed again.
Фраза 26.I thought weХd never get the camera back from that bear!
Фраза 27.Well, itХs definitely contagious.
Фраза 28.LetХs plant it right here.
Фраза 29.I never saw that woman before in my life!
Фраза 30.Oh, and heХs wearing a red jacket.
Фраза 31.Hi, Mom. WhoХs the kid?
Фраза 32.Well, I see you drank your medicine.
Фраза 33.Monday she drank four ounces of milk, compared to her usual four and one-half...
Фраза 34.Is there someone else?
Фраза 35.Arf! Arf!
Фраза 36.Pretty loud for a beginner, huh?
Фраза 37.You canХt do your homework and watch television at the same time.
Фраза 38.Afraid itХll escape?
Фраза 39.That picture of your father is very realistic!
Фраза 40.CanХt you find anything else to read?