Аудиоурок 590

Фраза 1.We are in a bike race.
Фраза 2.We were in a bike race.
Фраза 3.I have a hat on my head.
Фраза 4.I had a hat on my head.
Фраза 5.I am reading.
Фраза 6.I was reading.
Фраза 7.I am fishing.
Фраза 8.I was fishing.
Фраза 9.I am jumping rope. The boys are holding the rope.
Фраза 10.We were jumping rope.
Фраза 11.I am drinking.
Фраза 12.I was drinking.
Фраза 13.My sons and I are digging.
Фраза 14.My sons and I were digging.
Фраза 15.I am climbing the ladder.
Фраза 16.I have climbed the ladder.
Фраза 17.I am wearing a shirt that is too small.
Фраза 18.I was wearing a shirt that was too small.
Фраза 19.I am wearing my own shirt.
Фраза 20.I am wearing the shirt my father was wearing.
Фраза 21.I am playing the guitar.
Фраза 22.I was playing the guitar.
Фраза 23.I am holding the guitar.
Фраза 24.I was holding the guitar, but now the boy has it.
Фраза 25.I am going to pick up the cat.
Фраза 26.I am picking up the cat.
Фраза 27.I have picked up the cat and I am holding it in my arms.
Фраза 28.I am reading the newspaper.
Фраза 29.I am going to put on the dress.
Фраза 30.I am putting on the dress.
Фраза 31.I have put on the dress.
Фраза 32.I am putting on a shirt.
Фраза 33.I am going to pour water on my head.
Фраза 34.I am pouring water on my head.
Фраза 35.I am going to read the book.
Фраза 36.I am reading the book.
Фраза 37.We are going to run.
Фраза 38.We are running.
Фраза 39.We have run.
Фраза 40.I am running.