Аудиоурок 609

Фраза 1.He is shaving.
Фраза 2.He is taking a shower.
Фраза 3.He is taking a bath.
Фраза 4.He is washing his hands.
Фраза 5.She is drying her hair.
Фраза 6.She is taking a bath.
Фраза 7.She is taking a shower.
Фраза 8.She is putting on makeup.
Фраза 9.The boy is cleaning the sink.
Фраза 10.The boy is cleaning the bathtub.
Фраза 11.The boy is cleaning the floor.
Фраза 12.The boy is cleaning the table.
Фраза 13.Someone is ironing a pair of pants.
Фраза 14.She is sewing on a button.
Фраза 15.He is mending a shirt.
Фраза 16.Someone is ironing a shirt.
Фраза 17.She is using a washcloth. She is washing.
Фраза 18.She is using a broom. She is sweeping.
Фраза 19.The man is using a razor. He is shaving.
Фраза 20.The man is using soap. He is washing.
Фраза 21.She is wearing a bathrobe.
Фраза 22.He is wearing slippers.
Фраза 23.He is wearing pajamas.
Фраза 24.She is wearing a nightgown.
Фраза 25.The boy is using a washcloth to wash his face.
Фраза 26.The boy is using a toothbrush to brush his teeth.
Фраза 27.She is using a comb to comb her hair.
Фраза 28.She is using a mirror to put on makeup.
Фраза 29.She is putting on fingernail polish.
Фраза 30.She is putting toothpaste on the toothbrush.
Фраза 31.She is brushing her teeth.
Фраза 32.She is putting on lipstick.
Фраза 33.He is putting on after-shave lotion.
Фраза 34.He is ironing.
Фраза 35.She is putting on perfume.
Фраза 36.She is clipping her fingernails.
Фраза 37.She is using a broom.
Фраза 38.He is using a razor.
Фраза 39.He is wearing pajamas.
Фраза 40.She is wearing a bathrobe.