Аудиоурок 684

Фраза 1.Mother, thank you for the tie you sent George. He uses it almost every day.
Фраза 2.Who is it, please?
Фраза 3.Sorry, my husband isnХt here.
Фраза 4.Everybody stand back! ItХs hard to believe, but itХs for me!
Фраза 5.Now what do we do?
Фраза 6.He needs a bigger doghouse.
Фраза 7.He says he canХt see a thing. Send him down a light.
Фраза 8.Oh, and keep this door shut when the washer is in operation.
Фраза 9.Quite satisfied the amount is correct now, sir?
Фраза 10.I repeat: DonХt open the door!
Фраза 11.Put your ear real close to the phone and IХll let you know what I got for my birthday.
Фраза 12.Ready to cut?
Фраза 13.The food is bad, but the service is great!
Фраза 14.Oh, come on, Herbert! A couple of days away from the office will be good for you.
Фраза 15.Hot, isnХt it?
Фраза 16.I guess that blue line on the map wasnХt a road after all.
Фраза 17.Count the children! Count the children!
Фраза 18.Could you speak a little louder, Fred?
Фраза 19.Telephone!
Фраза 20.Open!
Фраза 21.YouХll have to speak louder!
Фраза 22.TheyХre all the wrong size!
Фраза 23.It looks awfully cold to me.
Фраза 24.According to your weight, you should be nine feet, six and one half inches tall.
Фраза 25.Shhh! HeХs asleep!
Фраза 26.You lost the key?
Фраза 27.Well, naturally, if you look for mistakes youХll find some!
Фраза 28.The keys! The keys! YouХve got my car keys!
Фраза 29.Dad locked his keys in the car.
Фраза 30.Yes, you can make it.
Фраза 31.DaddyХs awake!
Фраза 32.Is that you, dear? Did you know your picture is in the newspaper?
Фраза 33.Got a minute?
Фраза 34.George! He isnХt ours!
Фраза 35.Your arms are too short.
Фраза 36.Well, thatХs getting off to a great start!
Фраза 37.I thought I saw a rabbit here a minute ago.
Фраза 38.HeХs an only child.
Фраза 39.How are things otherwise?
Фраза 40.Of course, thatХs just the first coat.