Аудиоурок 685

Фраза 1.Yes, sir, table for six.
Фраза 2.How long have you been an auto mechanic?
Фраза 3.I hope you didnХt set that wet glass on the table without something under it.
Фраза 4.Whoever told you about bears was trying to be funny. There are no bears around here.
Фраза 5.Let me know if he bothers you.
Фраза 6.What would you say if I told you I never took a lesson in my life?
Фраза 7.If thatХs Cosgrove, whoХs this?
Фраза 8.Dear Sirs: Your hair restorer works fine; however...
Фраза 9.LetХs plant it here.
Фраза 10.I finally got him off to sleep.
Фраза 11.WhatХs he waiting for?
Фраза 12.Do you own a large, spotted dog?
Фраза 13.Bill, I caught another one!
Фраза 14.A brisk, early morning walk should have you awake in no time.
Фраза 15.Now watch and do everything I do.
Фраза 16.IХve got another pair at home just like them.
Фраза 17.They seem to be very clean animals.
Фраза 18.I think heХs trying to tell us something.
Фраза 19.How far are we from the river, Sam? This thingХs getting heavy.
Фраза 20.I think theyХre talking to each other.
Фраза 21.You mean he hasnХt memorized his part yet?
Фраза 22.LetХs go this way and see where heХs been.
Фраза 23.Let me know if this bothers you.
Фраза 24.YouХre the new man, I presume?
Фраза 25.I think he feels much better today.
Фраза 26.Can you hear me, chief? I ran into a little problem out here at the zoo.
Фраза 27.ThatХs a sure sign of a cold winter.
Фраза 28.Do you have an appointment?
Фраза 29.How do you know you donХt like it? You canХt see it!
Фраза 30.YouХve got to learn to relax.
Фраза 31.Oh, Ronald, itХs beautiful! How did you ever do it on your bank tellerХs salary?
Фраза 32.IХm afraid weХre too late.
Фраза 33.One of them is approaching now! ItХs too horrible to describe!
Фраза 34.Have you seen a little boy dressed like an Indian go by here?
Фраза 35.Johnson is quite a salesman.
Фраза 36.They do a lot of entertaining.
Фраза 37.My husband seems to think...SIT UP WHEN IХM TALKING TO YOU...that IХm the dominating type.
Фраза 38.I see they still havenХt located the trouble.
Фраза 39.Let me know if the noise bothers you.
Фраза 40.DonХt bother getting up, Helen, I can make it okay.