Аудиоурок 579

Фраза 1.The girl is getting into the boat.
Фраза 2.The boy is getting out of the water.
Фраза 3.The boy has gotten out of the water.
Фраза 4.The boy is going to get out of the water.
Фраза 5.Horses carry people, but this horse is not carrying anyone.
Фраза 6.This horse is carrying someone.
Фраза 7.Airplanes fly, but this airplane is not flying.
Фраза 8.Airplanes fly and this airplane is flying.
Фраза 9.The bikers are moving fast.
Фраза 10.The bikers are moving slowly.
Фраза 11.The airplane is moving fast.
Фраза 12.The airplane is moving slowly.
Фраза 13.It is wintertime. Snow is on the trees.
Фраза 14.It is summer. The trees are green.
Фраза 15.It is summertime. The people are in the swimming pool.
Фраза 16.It is fall. The trees are yellow and the leaves are on the ground.
Фраза 17.Some of these flowers are yellow and the others are blue.
Фраза 18.All of these flowers are yellow.
Фраза 19.One of these ducks has a white head and the other has a green head.
Фраза 20.All of these ducks have black heads.
Фраза 21.Neither of these people is drinking milk.
Фраза 22.One of these people is drinking milk.
Фраза 23.Both people are drinking milk.
Фраза 24.One person is drinking orange juice.
Фраза 25.The boy is behind the tree.
Фраза 26.The boy is in front of the tree.
Фраза 27.The water is behind the milk.
Фраза 28.The water is in front of the milk.
Фраза 29.The airplane is flying above the clouds.
Фраза 30.The airplane is flying below the clouds.
Фраза 31.The airplane is flying in front of the snow-covered mountain.
Фраза 32.The airplane is flying in front of the setting sun.
Фраза 33.The cowboy is using a rope to catch the calf.
Фраза 34.The cowboy is using a rope to tie up the calf.
Фраза 35.The cowboy is catching the calf without using a rope.
Фраза 36.The cowboy is lifting the calf.
Фраза 37.We are not going to jump. He is going to jump.
Фраза 38.We are not jumping. He is jumping.
Фраза 39.We have not jumped. He has jumped.
Фраза 40.We are all jumping together.