Аудиоурок 649

Фраза 1.This type of vehicle is used today.
Фраза 2.This type of vehicle was used long ago.
Фраза 3.This type of clothing is worn today.
Фраза 4.This type of clothing was worn long ago.
Фраза 5.a car from the present
Фраза 6.a car from the past
Фраза 7.a truck from the present
Фраза 8.a truck from the past
Фраза 9.This person was a little girl.
Фраза 10.This person is a little girl.
Фраза 11.This person was a little boy.
Фраза 12.This person is a little boy.
Фраза 13.This person is a woman.
Фраза 14.This person will be a woman.
Фраза 15.This person is a man.
Фраза 16.This person will be a man.
Фраза 17.This is a means of transportation which was more common in the past.
Фраза 18.This is a means of transportation which is more common in the present.
Фраза 19.This is a structure from an ancient civilization.
Фраза 20.This is a structure from a modern civilization.
Фраза 21.This is a year in the recent past.
Фраза 22.This is a year in the distant past.
Фраза 23.This is a year in the near future.
Фраза 24.This is a year in the distant future.
Фраза 25.This is an old car.
Фраза 26.This is a modern car.
Фраза 27.This is an ancient building.
Фраза 28.This is a modern building.
Фраза 29.In the past, some people lived in houses like this.
Фраза 30.Now some people live in houses like this.
Фраза 31.In the past, people wore clothes that looked like this.
Фраза 32.Now people wear clothes that look like this.
Фраза 33.This is an old-fashioned camera.
Фраза 34.This is a modern camera.
Фраза 35.These people are dressed in old-fashioned clothing.
Фраза 36.These people are dressed in modern clothing.
Фраза 37.This was done in the distant past.
Фраза 38.This is done now.
Фраза 39.This could be what is done in the future.
Фраза 40.This was done in the recent past.