Аудиоурок 657

Фраза 1.IХm hiding.
Фраза 2.IХm searching.
Фраза 3.I won the race.
Фраза 4.I lost the race.
Фраза 5.People smell with this.
Фраза 6.People see with this.
Фраза 7.People hear with this.
Фраза 8.People taste with this.
Фраза 9.This was done in the distant past.
Фраза 10.This is done now.
Фраза 11.This could be what is done in the future.
Фраза 12.This was done in the recent past.
Фраза 13.This person needs to see a dentist. He has a toothache.
Фраза 14.This person needs to see a doctor. He has a fever.
Фраза 15.This man is a doctor.
Фраза 16.This man is a dentist.
Фраза 17.She is doing what she should.
Фраза 18.She is not doing what she should.
Фраза 19.He is doing what he should.
Фраза 20.He should not do what he is doing.
Фраза 21.flour
Фраза 22.stone
Фраза 23.wool
Фраза 24.plastic
Фраза 25.The piece of lumber is vertical.
Фраза 26.The piece of lumber is horizontal.
Фраза 27.The piece of lumber is neither horizontal nor vertical.
Фраза 28.The rope is horizontal.
Фраза 29.The doctor is putting a splint on her leg.
Фраза 30.The patient has a splint on her leg.
Фраза 31.This person is using crutches.
Фраза 32.This person has a bandage on his hand.
Фраза 33.This is used in the army.
Фраза 34.This is used in the navy.
Фраза 35.This is used in the air force.
Фраза 36.This is not used by the military.
Фраза 37.The man has not eaten the apple yet.
Фраза 38.The man has eaten the apple.
Фраза 39.The person has not fallen off of the horse yet.
Фраза 40.The person has fallen off of the horse.