Аудиоурок 622

Фраза 1.This piece of paper has been torn.
Фраза 2.She is tearing the piece of paper.
Фраза 3.This cloth has been ripped.
Фраза 4.She is ripping the piece of cloth.
Фраза 5.The piece of wire is straight.
Фраза 6.The piece of wire is bent but not twisted.
Фраза 7.The piece of wire is bent and twisted.
Фраза 8.The pieces of wire are twisted.
Фраза 9.The metal is rusted.
Фраза 10.The metal is tarnished.
Фраза 11.The shirt is torn.
Фраза 12.The cup is broken.
Фраза 13.The toast has been burned.
Фраза 14.The page of the book has been stained.
Фраза 15.The juice has been spilled.
Фраза 16.The page of the book has been torn.
Фраза 17.IХm sorry. I burned it.
Фраза 18.IХm sorry. I stained it.
Фраза 19.IХm sorry. I spilled it.
Фраза 20.IХm sorry. I tore it.
Фраза 21.The fork is bent.
Фраза 22.The fork is not bent.
Фраза 23.The line is straight.
Фраза 24.The line is not straight.
Фраза 25.The knife is rusty.
Фраза 26.The knife is shiny.
Фраза 27.The pieces of wood are flat and unpainted.
Фраза 28.The piece of wood is painted.
Фраза 29.The desk is messy.
Фраза 30.The desk is neat.
Фраза 31.This handwriting is messy.
Фраза 32.This handwriting is neat.
Фраза 33.The light bulb is not broken.
Фраза 34.The light bulb is broken.
Фраза 35.The ice cream has not melted.
Фраза 36.The ice cream has melted.
Фраза 37.The banana is rotten.
Фраза 38.The banana is fresh.
Фраза 39.The apple is rotten.
Фраза 40.The apple is fresh.