Аудиоурок 670

Фраза 1.IХm hungry.
Фраза 2.LetХs try this restaurant.
Фраза 3.We would like a table for two, please.
Фраза 4.Please come this way.
Фраза 5.a menu
Фраза 6.a check
Фраза 7.a waiter
Фраза 8.a waitress
Фраза 9.Here is the menu.
Фраза 10.What do you recommend?
Фраза 11.I recommend the steak.
Фраза 12.Would you like something to drink to start with?
Фраза 13.May I take your order?
Фраза 14.I would like a steak.
Фраза 15.I would like a salad.
Фраза 16.Salad for you, maХam. Steak for you, sir.
Фраза 17.Pass me the pepper, please.
Фраза 18.Here is the pepper.
Фраза 19.Pass me the salt, please.
Фраза 20.Here is the salt.
Фраза 21.Waiter, I need a plate.
Фраза 22.IХm sorry. HereХs a plate.
Фраза 23.Waiter, I need a fork.
Фраза 24.IХm sorry. HereХs a fork.
Фраза 25.Would you like something for dessert?
Фраза 26.I would like cake for dessert.
Фраза 27.I would like ice cream for dessert.
Фраза 28.Here are your desserts.
Фраза 29.Where is the menХs room, please?
Фраза 30.The menХs room is over there.
Фраза 31.Where is the womenХs room, please?
Фраза 32.The womenХs room is over there.
Фраза 33.Waiter, we would like the check, please.
Фраза 34.Here is the check.
Фраза 35.Alan is paying the waiter for the meal.
Фраза 36.Alan is leaving a tip on the table.
Фраза 37.Please come this way.
Фраза 38.May I take your order?
Фраза 39.Here are your desserts.
Фраза 40.Here is the menu.