Аудиоурок 518

Фраза 1.The man is in the truck.
Фраза 2.The bananas are in the basket.
Фраза 3.The people are in the boat.
Фраза 4.The people are not in the boat.
Фраза 5.The boy is on the fence, and the man is on the bicycle.
Фраза 6.The hat is on the boy.
Фраза 7.The children are on the table.
Фраза 8.The ball is on the boy.
Фраза 9.The boy is on the bicycle.
Фраза 10.The boy is beside the bicycle.
Фраза 11.This man is on a horse.
Фраза 12.This man is beside a horse.
Фраза 13.The donkey is under the man.
Фраза 14.The donkey is not under the man.
Фраза 15.The candy is under the shelf.
Фраза 16.The candy is in the manХs hand.
Фраза 17.This boy is behind the tree.
Фраза 18.This boy is in front of the tree.
Фраза 19.This man is behind a car.
Фраза 20.This man is in front of a car.
Фраза 21.The two bowls are beside each other.
Фраза 22.This cup is on the plate.
Фраза 23.The number five is between the one and the zero.
Фраза 24.The medium-sized bowl is between the big bowl and the small bowl.
Фраза 25.The man is beside two women.
Фраза 26.The man is between two women.
Фраза 27.The dog is between two people.
Фраза 28.The dog is beside two people.
Фраза 29.two people with glasses
Фраза 30.two people without glasses
Фраза 31.a boy with a stick
Фраза 32.a boy without a stick
Фраза 33.The airplane is on the ground.
Фраза 34.The airplane is above the ground.
Фраза 35.The fish are around the diver.
Фраза 36.The chairs are around the table.
Фраза 37.The man is behind the bicycle.
Фраза 38.The man is beside the bicycle.
Фраза 39.The bicycle is beside the car.
Фраза 40.The bicycle is behind the car.