Аудиоурок 603

Фраза 1.Jane is thinking about writing a letter to Lucy.
Фраза 2.Jane gets a piece of paper.
Фраза 3.Jane gets an envelope.
Фраза 4.Jane gets a pen.
Фраза 5.Jane writes a letter.
Фраза 6.Jane folds the letter.
Фраза 7.She puts the letter into the envelope.
Фраза 8.She addresses the envelope.
Фраза 9.Jane gets a stamp.
Фраза 10.Jane licks the stamp.
Фраза 11.She puts the stamp on the envelope.
Фраза 12.She licks the envelope.
Фраза 13.Jane seals the envelope.
Фраза 14.Jane puts the envelope with the other envelopes.
Фраза 15.She opens the mailbox.
Фраза 16.She puts the letter into the mailbox.
Фраза 17.IХm hungry.
Фраза 18.Jane goes to the refrigerator and opens the door.
Фраза 19.Here is some food.
Фраза 20.Jane takes the food.
Фраза 21.Jane closes the refrigerator door.
Фраза 22.Jane opens the microwave door.
Фраза 23.She puts the food in the microwave.
Фраза 24.She closes the microwave door.
Фраза 25.Jane turns on the microwave.
Фраза 26.Jane takes out the food.
Фраза 27.She cuts the food.
Фраза 28.She eats the food.
Фраза 29.JenniferХs face is dirty.
Фраза 30.Jennifer goes into the bathroom.
Фраза 31.She gets a washcloth.
Фраза 32.She gets some soap.
Фраза 33.Jennifer turns the water on.
Фраза 34.Jennifer wets the washcloth.
Фраза 35.She soaps the washcloth.
Фраза 36.She washes her face.
Фраза 37.Jennifer washes the soap off her washcloth.
Фраза 38.Jennifer washes the soap off her face.
Фраза 39.She dries her face with a towel.
Фраза 40.She hangs up the towel.