Английское предложение с carves

The time for hiding behind scarves is almost over.”
You do, June gives you one of them beautiful scarves.
There followed a general donning of coats and scarves, some slapstick with dollar bills and the spilled ice from a drink, and then at some point Rosa and Joe seemed to remark that they were headed out the door of the chophouse and that Sammy was not with them.
Kapock was a designer and he still has great sensitivity — but Linkeree was a businessman and now he carves in wood.
“No, I have it hanging inside my closet door with my other scarves.
Their unshaven faces were wrapped with filthy scarves against the bitter wind.
Then Old Peg set down her instruments of boy-butchery and helped Alvin bundle Arthur Stuart up in coats and leggings and boots and scarves till he was about as big around as he was tall.
She had draped herself in lies like summer scarves to convince people she was other than she was, but now a cold five-word phrase summed up her life: twenty-eight-year-old prostitute.
At that moment Amaryllis could have sworn that she felt a cold wind move through the hall, but the scarves of her gown did not move.
You do, June gives you one of them beautiful scarves.
There were two of them, dressed mostly in rags, with scarves covering their faces so that only their eyes were visible.
Emma swayed gently to it, the scarves-veils, he supposed she meant them to be-following her movements and reminding him of the floppy rags that shook themselves over your vehicle while going through a car wash.