Английское предложение с soothsay

The hero Gedanke challenged the king of the ice bears to a battle with the king bear's liver at stake because a soothsayer told Gedanke that only a taste of the liver of the king of the ice bears would save the children of Amberscheldt from a deadly plague.
Didn't the soothsayer predict such an incredible good fortune, never to be believed?
But he would show them all, because after searching so long, a mad Valkyrie soothsayer, of all people, had alerted him to this competition—and had told him it was the means of reaching his mate.
Oh gods, bless the soothsayer and thank you thank you thank you for my karma that I am favored by the great daimyo, that my sons will be samurai and oh, please make me worthy of such marvelousness ....
Good, but remember what the old Chinese soothsayer foretold, he thought: that you would die by the sword.
At one of the Taiko's incredibly lavish ceremonial dinners, the Taiko had asked the soothsayer to predict the deaths of certain of his counselors.
This was the soothsayer, the Chinese envoy, who had foretold that the Taiko would die in his bed leaving a healthy son after him, that Toranaga would die by the sword in middle age, that Ishido would die in old age, the most famous general in the realm, his feet firm in the earth.
This dwarf was called “tengol,” which means a judge of good and evil, and also a soothsayer.
If it did stand that way, then every half-baked dreamspeaker and soothsayer in the country would be able to say whatever he pleased and juries would believe them, and then what would happen to justice in America?”
Unless another soothsayer had filled the Lion's head with absurd ravings.
The soothsayer was right, it is your good fortune to make her rich beyond dreams.
Tonight, the wily soothsayer would likely be downtown in the Vieux Carré.