Английское предложение с understandably

Since the Clutter murderers had spent the night of December 19, the date of the murders, in a Tallahassee hotel, Osprey’s sheriff, who had no other leads whatever, was understandably anxious to have the two men questioned and a polygraph examination administered.
Although these percentages were understandably higher than the overall death rate, they showed the same sudden increase.
Another reason, the simplest, the ugliest, was that this hitherto peaceful congregation of neighbors and old friends had suddenly to endure the unique experience of distrusting each other; understandably, they believed that the murderer was among themselves, and, to the last man, endorsed an opinion advanced by Arthur Clutter, a brother of the deceased, who, while talking to journalists in the lobby of a Garden City hotel on November 17, had said, “When this is cleared up, I’ll wager whoever did it was someone within ten miles of where we now stand.”
Patients are now understandably outraged.
Paul had been trying to leave for half an hour and was understandably frustrated.
It was Captain Sterritt, the officer of the day, and he looked understandably nervous.
The police are understandably chagrined over this episode and have refused to speculate or offer any information whatsoever.
He had become fascinated by the great explorations of the past – understandably enough, in the circumstances.
The biological attack on their homeland had understandably enraged the soldiers, and such rage could make a poor soldier into an heroic one as easily as flipping a light switch.
Peter was understandably upset to see that Grace had been drinking heavily.”
Arkana was understandably withdrawn.
Blair was understandably bemused by the sudden question, but then saw Sharpe was staring at the dead child in the Citadel's ditch.