Английское предложение с yawns

He yawns until he is light-headed with yawning.
The words in my diary, strung together like my yawns, were all awry and uneven, as illegible as the magic scribblings of a ghost.
Many shook their heads to clear off the dizziness induced by the earplugs, along with yawns and stretches which psychologists would have called typical nonverbal expressions of unease.
Surely life imprisonment is small mercy to ask…” Not everyone was attentive; one juror, as though poisoned by the numerous spring-fever yawns weighting the air, sat with drugged eyes and jaws so utterly ajar bees could have buzzed in and out.
(That is true: lying on the soft sheepskin rug she stretches and yawns, her neat little body not even filling it.)
But between where they are, man and woman, and the exercise of lust a veritable chasm yawns.