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This is Garry Kasparov's first public account of his chess defeat at the hands of IBM supercomputer Deep Blue, marking the twentieth anniversary of the landmark event for artificial intelligence with a reflection on his changing attitude to being outclassed by evolving computer technology, both in the run-up to the match and the years since.
Deep Thinking.

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"Вес" unit="г" 501

"Ширина упаковки" unit="мм" 1

"Высота упаковки" unit="мм" 1

"Глубина упаковки" unit="мм" 1

"Автор на обложке" Garry Kasparov

"ISBN" 9781473653511

"Год выпуска" 2018

"Количество страниц" 304

"Язык издания" Английский

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