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These instructional drawing books have a highly visual and practical approach. With the aid of step-by-step drawings, the authors - all professional artists or teachers - explain clearly and concisely how to use pencil, pen and ink, Conte and charcoal. The series covers a comprehensive range of popular subjects and each title contains sections on materials, composition, perspective and different drawing techniques - both traditional and innovative.
Draw Portraits.

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"Вес" unit="г" 180

"Ширина упаковки" unit="мм" 280

"Высота упаковки" unit="мм" 20

"Глубина упаковки" unit="мм" 210

"Автор на обложке" Benedict Rubbra

"Автор" Бенедикт Руббра

"Тип издания" Отдельное издание

"Тип обложки" Мягкая обложка

"Формат издания" 210x280

"Издательство" A&C Black

"ISBN" 978-0-7136-8302-8

"Год выпуска" 2008

"Количество страниц" 48

"Язык издания" Английский

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