Num EN/RU Link
1 Thomas would have played that game with you from dusk until dawn. link
Томас бы играл с вами в эту игру от заката до рассвета.
2 Enough people have played with my brain already. link
С меня хватит тех, кто уже поразвлекся с моими мозгами.
3 So he would have played the kithara or something, a sort of lyre like thing. link
Так что он мог бы играть на кифаре или на чем-нибудь вроде лиры.
4 If I had known, this all would have played out very differently. link
Если бы знал, разыграл бы все иначе.
5 I shouldn`t have played amateur psychiatrist. link
Я не должна была играть в психиатра - любителя.
6 I would have played in my mother tongue. link
Играла бы на языке матери.
7 That would have played well with the voters. link
Это было бы хорошо для карьеры.
8 We were to have played a duet together-three duets, I believe. link
Мы должны были там играть с ней в четыре руки, - кажется, даже целых три дуэта.