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1 So he would have played the kithara or something, a sort of lyre like thing. link
Так что он мог бы играть на кифаре или на чем-нибудь вроде лиры.
2 If I had known, this all would have played out very differently. link
Если бы знал, разыграл бы все иначе.
3 Thomas would have played that game with you from dusk until dawn. link
Томас бы играл с вами в эту игру от заката до рассвета.
4 That would have played well with the voters. link
Это было бы хорошо для карьеры.
5 I would have played in my mother tongue. link
Играла бы на языке матери.
6 You should have told me, I would have played it differently. link
Если б ты предупредил, я бы действовал по-другому.
7 They would have played an interesting role in romances:. link
Они играли интересную роль в романах:
8 You really think that`s how it would have played out? link
Ты действительно думаешь, что именно так все и было бы?